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With over 10 years of experience in alternative lending, LM is an industry leader in helping Canadians.

LM Financial Services Inc (LM) is an expert in providing advice and creative financing solutions for those looking to rebuild or establish their credit. Although almost everything we do relies on using credit in one form or another, most Canadians are not educated in establishing and maintaining their credit score. Learn More

Our dedicated team of professionals walk clients through the process of obtaining the financing they need to boost their credit and clear up anything that might be holding them back.

After over 10 years of experience in alternative lending, LM is an industry leader in helping Canadians get on the right track with their financing. Throughout the years, we have developed a comprehensive application process to help us determine which financial vehicle to employ to make the most impact on a client’s credit health.

With the goal of serving as Canada’s one-stop-shop for credit services, our affiliate companies – Centum LM Group and Financial Square Inc – allow us the privilege of not only providing services to individuals but to businesses as well.”

Leading the way to financial strength, we are the pioneers of creative solutions to credit repair.

Our dedicated team of professionals walk clients through the process of obtaining the financing they need to boost their credit and clear up anything that might be holding them back.

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Refinancing is also a good option to pull out equity for consolidating, home improvements, investments, college expenses, and more.

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Lukas Kalantzakos
03:26 26 Apr 18
Nathan Okoye
21:56 07 Jun 18
I had a great experience with what would have been a very difficult situation because of a second mortgage LM Financial Services was able to get for me. I am making this positive review because if it wasn't for the agent who made certain I received a substantial debt settlement and then funded my second mortgage quickly...I would have been forced to sell my house to pay me debt.
Jason Barker
01:41 17 Dec 18
When your back is against the wall financially and you have very few choices it is good to know, there is a company like LM Financial Services. The agent I spoke to, Renato, took his time with me and explained all of the things I needed to know in order to understand the process and feel comfortable taking out a second mortgage in order to pay off the debt I had. I am glad I did it and I have a plan to get out of debt in the next 3 years. If you have bad credit and owe money LM is a great solution!
Shivonne S
14:05 17 Dec 18
My experience with LM Financial Services was a breath of fresh air. I was literally drowning with no prospect of getting out of a messed up financial situation. I did not know what to do to save my house and what little credit score I had left. LM Financial Services is not for the borrower who can go to the banks – the agents there specialize in dealing with people like me that have bad credit and owe a lot of bad debt. It’s been a year since my loan and I just got my LM loan refinanced into my first mortgage at a major institution. All I had to do was stick to the plan they laid out for me and not get into any other debt.
Will Thrun
18:19 17 Dec 18
I was skeptical at first to consolidate my debits. But after taking advise from a friend I went to LM Financial. My only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner.
Will Thrun
18:19 17 Dec 18
I was skeptical at first to consolidate my debits. But after taking advise from a friend I went to LM Financial. My only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner.
John Marion
21:47 16 Dec 19
Fast and very helpful
Cindy Alie
21:18 06 May 21
I just like to say that Daniel Rahman was very professional and quick about helping me with my debt.
Matt Mcdowell
17:55 10 May 21
Daniel Rahman, was very Friendly and helpful. This is my first Loan and he made me feel secure in the decision. Definitely would use his services again if I'm ever in a tight spot
15:26 14 May 21
My experience working with LM was great, Stella and Sean were very helpful and thorough with their work. They took the time to go through all the necessary paperwork with me and answers any questions I had along the way
Dino Furia
18:03 14 May 21
I continue to use LM financial and always recommend their services to family and friends. Stella is a pleasure to deal with and her attention to detail and prompt responses are impeccable! I would highly recommend their services. Keep up the great work!
Tran Le
21:03 14 May 21
Stella and her team are amazing at what they do. I needed help and they were there to help dig me out of a hole and offered flexible second mortgage solutions. I highly recommend them.
Michelle McFadyen
22:39 26 May 21
Very professional and personable. I had the pleasure of dealing with Daniel Rahman. He was courteous, straight forward, professional and informative. He definitely made the entire situation a lot more comfortable for me and was willing to work with my schedule, a lot of phone calls and emails. Thanks for all of your assistance/support and professionalism. Much appreciated!
Holly Kingston
18:57 10 Jun 21
My husband and I are new to the financial investing world and have had nothing but a great experience from LM Financial Services. Thank you so much to Tony for acting as our guide and paving the way to our exploration of investing. Your dedication, time and attention to our questions are so valued and appreciated. You have completely changed our life with your knowledge and advice! Thank you to Stella for facilitating our meeting, greeting us with kindness and warmth, and educating us with your extensive knowledge! & Thank you to Sean for ensuring we felt protected, comfortable and making us feel like we could ask all the questions! Great organization with a strong team! Absolutely recommend!
Guy Harvey
18:08 18 Jun 21
Daniel Rahman helped settle out my owing debt & did his best to settle my credit owing. He was very professional and polite when speaking to & helped you through the walking process of all the information and process.Again thank you very much Daniel for helping me with this burden!! 😊
23:27 27 Jul 21
Daniel Rahman was the person in charge of helping me out. He is super professional and understanding! Made the whole application process easy to understand and quick. 5 stars.
Dan Downey
12:11 26 May 21
I'm only making this review because my situation was really bad, and if it wasn't for LM Credit taking the time to understand my story I don't know what would have happened. I was declined for a consolidation loan from everywhere and I all most gave up all hope. LM Credit saved me and made it happen!! I'm happy to leave this review about how great the service was ,and how easy the process is...HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Brittm Hall
21:12 04 Aug 21
Very good service thank you DANIEL RAHMAN
Angelina Colosimo
21:18 08 Mar 22
Spoke with an agent named Val he was really sweet , had a great attitude and was really efficient! 5 star quality personality
Kelauren Leigh
21:13 10 May 22
I had an amazing experience with LM Financial. They weren’t judgmental about my situation at all, and have helped me pay off my debts so I can start rebuilding my credit. Very happy with their customer service.Thank you!!!!
Daniel Hayes
17:48 15 Jul 22
Just an all round great experience.. Muhad was amazing VERY PROFESSIONAL AND went out of his way.AWESOME GUY
Andrea Clark
16:04 14 May 21
It is a very difficult financial climate and sometimes good people fall on hard times. Renato and his team were very professional, non judgemental and offered a solution to rebuild our credit. Facing legal issues they offered us options that our usual broker never suggested. We can now breathe a sigh of relief and start saving for our future.
Laura Carter
15:27 09 Oct 21
This company was very good.Recommend
Ngo Mbonu
21:44 14 Oct 21
They need better management and customer serviceThey lack coordination and it's almost like some of the staff don't care They put me through hell
Ashraf Monir
18:20 25 Oct 20
Try to avoid them working with them as you can but if you have no other choice just work with them for second mortgage only they are ok to do a second mortgage instead that the intrests rate is high and they are charging a high administration fee but if you have no another choice it will be your only way to get out of your debt.But do not work with them for first mortgages they are good in doing first mortgage and they will try to push you to do a second mortgage again, I worked with them for the second mortgage and they can not approve me and they let me to wait for more than 2 months with a lack of communication and taking a very long time to get back to you and sometimes they will left you for 3 to 4 days without answering your question, and at the end after I waited them for more than 2 months because of them, they charged me a penalty because I paid my second mortgage after the maturity date, instead that I had an offer from RBC and I was able t pay the second mortgage in time but I was waiting for them and was about to lose the RBC offer.Sorry for the lengthy feed back, but to make the long story short if you have to work with them just work with them on a second mortgage only with their agent called Renato, and you have to expect a high interest and high fee.
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Client Testimonials

"I want to say thank you for all the hard work you are doing on my behalf. This has not been easy and you never gave up, even with all the surprises I threw at you. No matter if this ended up with a no go for me or a yay you are good to go it’s important to note that you and absolutely everyone I spoke with at LM Financial were great. Professional, kind and always treated me with dignity and respect. That is not always the case for someone in my position and I truly appreciate it. Thank you"

Michelle Bates

Ecklundson Construction Ltd.
" After working in the financial world for almost 20 years, I have never dealt with a lending institution that works so hard and values their clients like LM Financial does! They treat people like family and always get the $$ needed to help rebuild consumers credit! Thanks to you Julieth, and the rest of the LM Financial Team!!!! It's a pleasure working with you!!!!!"

Rodney Maksinuk

Senior Collections Officer
National Credit Recovery INC